Soulja Boy


Money gain
We pull up and ballin
We pull up in porsches
I got lambos
Got lambos and phantoms
Got maybachs and rolex
We pull up we stuntin'
Know time is money
Know that we stuntin'

[Verse 1:]
My team, my team
Got time with it
Now that they be by now a movie scene
Pull up in porsches lay pass in bounty
Polos and rolex my team get money
Pull up I'm stuntin'
So that we get money
Money gain ye we flexin'
Pull up on slow mo
You know rocking polos you know we ain't be
You know it's my team
Talk money so D, lost that trolley
I got gas in that lean
I got lambos and bees
I got lamborghici murc'
Pull up red paint
Smoking on purple, sipping on drink

I say we pull or we stuntin
Pull up in the porsches
Got lambos and phantoms
Got maybachs and rolex
Money we pulling
Know time is money
Know that we stuntin'
We getting money

[Verse 2:]
For my team, sound with that lean
Got 9 with that beam
Shoot a movie scene
You know that we stuntin'
Time is money
We on in bucking
We all get money

[Verse 3:]
Time is money SOD
Much now be the team
Bout the green bout the dough
Niggas talk chas kill 'em with the flow
Off the top off the top
I ain't gotta call man I own the lot
I don't go to club man I own the spot
Them niggas talking but I'm getting guap
I'm a real badman from Jamaica
That's your girl man I might just take her
Service shots just like the waiter
House came with a elevator
I'm ballin' out, ballin' out
Bet you didn't know that I'm representing south
Got alot of money got alot of dough
Niggas talk chas so I kill 'em with the flow
It's a freestyle money going up
Ye it's gold now niggas talk chess
So it's going down gotta chopper out
Ye it's going down on this lesser deed
Time is money and we getting all
And we getting all this money
And we getting all these hunneds
Man start the show we getting money
Man it ain't nothing to a G
Freestyle but it ain't shit for free
Got a chopper and my niggas with me
Load it up ye we getting tipsy
And we getting this money
And we getting this dough
We pull up in whips
Say what we taking their hoes