Omg II
Soulja Boy

Omg II

Oh My God!Oh My God! Oh My God!(Repeat)

Real nigga movement,
Young nigga year,
Looking so fresh you did thought I was a queer,
Feeling like homer simpson drinking out of bear,
Money in the front with the lean in the rear,
Get 'em out of here,
Swag of the year,
Young soulja boy I went and tattooed off my tears,
Damn I had no fears,
I feel like a bitch,
Shootout to lil b Im sittin' on my dick,
Pullup to the trap,
Hoes like damn,
All this fucking money bitch I think I'm uncle Sam,
Tatted on my wrist and my clip don't yam,
Soulja boy tellem in the kitchen cookin' jam,
Trap going ham,
Speakers going hammer,
Took yo main bitch than I bammed her and I bammed her,
I rammed her than I jammed her,
Nut in her mouth I fucked the bitch in alabammer.