Save Our Community
Soulja Boy

Word around town mane, they try to ruin me
Streets is divided, my people need unity
Voices in my head saying, save our community
All the police do is make us act more stupidly
I step on the stage like a king and let my jewelry bling
Speaking to the youth like a young Martin Luther King
They wanna control me, but I am not a damn slave
Millions dollars a weekend, man I'm gettin damn paid
Young Soulja tell 'em teachin shit that they don't teach in school
Young Soulja million dollars a week, now that's some revenue
Young Soulja doing shit that you don't see on the local news
Young Soulja travel 'cross the world, where the fuck are you?

Okay, yeah
I'm doing this for my people [x2]
Everyone equal [x4]
I'm doing this for my people [x2]
You keep doin you, I'm a keep doin me
Save my community [x4]

I'm speaking to the masses, through God's blessing
I live life and love life and learned life lessons
Now these dudes mindset is so dumb
Hesitate to pick up a book quick to pick up the gun and run and try to rob
Before you try to earn and learn and do yo job
See I'm on my grind like my last name Hawk
DeAndre Way, definition of a BOSS
Jewelry I bought, but it ain't even 'bout that
It's about the plan to understand that I'm 'bout that
All of my people man I know they gettin the best of me
Tellin young youth to create they own destiny
Everlasting knowledge
Everlasting lyrics for the people in college, for the people in the high schools I got 'em
SODMG is the foundation
I see it and I know the people waiting, have patience

[Chorus x2]