Soulja Banger
Soulja Boy

Soulja Banger

Oh, man I?m in this shit for real
Aye aye aye aye

Real shit, get up on my level
Got a new chain, got a new bezel
I?m that fucking nigga, I?m a fucking hitter
It don?t really matter I?m a killa nigga
I?m riding with my niggas getting figures man
Yeah I?ma hit a man with my niggas man
I?m not a bitch, I?m not a snitch
Man you niggas broke, now my niggas rich
Hit the fucking lick, then I take a trip
Then I fuck this bitch, pistol on my hip
Knock a nigga down, welcome to my town
Blow it by the pound, bitches going down
Hold a hunned rounds, love them gun sounds
Smoking on that noun, personal place a thing
Niggas talking shit, can?t fuck with me
I?m SOD, catch me in the streets
Bitch I make it flip, make my money flip
And I make a transaction, then I bust a brick
Man I?m with my clique and we stupid rich
Bitch we hit licks, bitch we whip the shit
I?m not a bitch, they don?t know play around
It will go down, it will go down
Like right now, hoe that choppa sound
Hollow tipping 30 clips, with a hunned rounds
You a nigga flex, I lay you down
In that fast lane, I smoke a pound
I drive that car, to that fucking spot
Hit my fucking block, man that shit is hot
Bitch I stack all night, all about my gwap
Catch me at the block, while that shit hot
Man my clique on fire, niggas straight smoking
3rd eye open, pistol what I?m totting
Bitch you know I?m packing, nigga never lacking
Ready for that action, bitch we get it cracking.