Soulja Boy

And you a rich rapper
And you ever had to change yo name to!?
Wat u change yo name to a?
I'd change ma name to stan!
I change ma name to roy!
'll tell you wat!
I'll tell you wat
Some bitch gone
Some bitch gone!
Some bitch left there
Some bitch left there!
I'll tell you wat boy!
Some bitch closed da door and drove the fuck off!
Nigga gon' run up on me he get knocked what they call the fuck out
Man I was in abandoned house man I was knocked wat dey call da fuck out!
Yyaahh bbiittcchh!
Ayy! ayy!
Lemme tell dese hoes about story man
One time I was gettin ma dick sucked
She was jus lookin at me
Wat the fuck you lookin at me for
Wat u want me to say?
You doin a good jobb?
Keep up the good work!?