Take Over
Soulja Boy

When it come to my flow its concrete
My crew is so deep
We will creep , nd hit ya main squeeze
I blam blam ya damn 9
Ya girl is damn fine
shes damn mine
on my damn time
all black , im ridin the fuckin beat
like ya girl when she be riding the d , yea she a freak
I hit the block , ya kno it
yu got the kush , bitch roll it.
its sod patrolin
Red & blue diamonds , yea hold em
Tell the hood that im better
im iced out intellectual
nd my flow is incredible
all the girls say im edible
lookin sayin soulja you are a beast.
of course. nd i dip off in that Porsche
Her pussy moist
They love my voice nd my vocals
are takin over, its soulja bitch
i done told ya im here , Dj Woogie we here
i told em if he disrespect my clique , i bust his cerebellum
Nigga yu snake , lower than a snake's belly button
Soulja im the shit , cousin we are not no family blood
yu see me on the scene, my money rainin feel this up
Yes i took over wht ever he got. i got it.
i got so much knowledge.
you betta eat ya collard...greens
im inbetween ya main squeeze
the damn breeze
in my damn V's , is so heat
i spit the damn heat , that could light up Alaska
ask em, condo wit the big ass plasmas , flashin
one hit wonder i think not , im laughin to the damn bank wit all tht guap
nd all tht stops , wen i block , nd pop up here
listen up nd pay attention S. Beezy here, nd this my year
no this my millennium i got em
Soulja boy Tellem thts the name of my college.
I sit bac. If a nigga disrespect it. he see im bout peace
rest in peace. nobody's at the funeral
Aimin at whoever want it. whoever want it. they got it , whoever got it , i dnt want it from em. Ballin . im hollerin .
SOD full throttle. we hit the race track. Runnin circles around yu niggas
we gon scrape tht , yu got it , we gon take tht , lay back nd jus be cool son
ya think ya hot , well come let meh cool ya.
things of the ripta
readin of the scripture
Everywhere i go , thts a million dolla picture
Seen the re scope damn high , nd my team is
never obsolete , we on point check the guidelines.
SOD game , flip the script , make em listen here. im here.
haters disappear. choppers to ya ear.
........... Drop top , range rover. Grab fuck her brains. SOULJA !