The Best
Soulja Boy

Soulja! Soulja! Soulja! Soulja! Soulja!
I'm the best bitch, turn my vocals up.
Listen up, pay attention! This the genius spittin'
This my last way, next week missin'
Fuck your opinion, I forgot to mention.
I'm the best rapper, if you dont like it? Diss me!
Simulair to JBAR I'm in a daze. SOD got game, like a fucking arcade.
Shoot action dough niggas, like a fuckin gun rain.
I'm the hottest in the rap game, title, I obtain.
Some more money... I got heavy paper.
Press me its going down, like an elevator.
I'm not politically correct, I'm not a legislater.
Cross tattoo below my eye, rest in peace to all my haters.
Nigga i don't play-boy. I'm not Hugh Hefner.
Bunnies in my mansion and it aint even easter (ah ha)
Drop it, drop it low girl featuring some chris brown.
I can transform her.
I'm a fuckin' genius, Jimmy Neutron!
Rich nigga shit, great coupon.
Beats blazin and them fans amazin'.
and them water diamonds on my neck come and take a swim.
Guard your life with them cause you might drown.
No life gaurd guaranteed you're going down.
Speakin into it existin nigga, I'm the best.
Open my louie cases lookin like the treasure chest.
You dont want me, so stay outter harsh waves, blow your legs off, have you lookin like a mermaid.
Brandin it at the mouth shoot you up like a suit case.
Eat any rapper, I'll have his ass souflé'd
All ya 3605, febuary to febuary.
The only place where the success come before work, is inside a dictonary.
Niggas sayin', im gased up fuck, you mean,
fuck gasoline!!!
Any rapper, on any beat. I'll chop your head, nigga Guillotine.
Fake rappers dissin me, like I would 4get.
Niggas say they get money, but its counterfeit.
My name is gigantic, I save from titanic
SOD gang all my haters now panic.
They thinkin': god dammit, soulja boy blow his casion.
I'm drawin' on this beat.
Do you get the illustruation?
Everybody hating. I'm ballin so hard.
I should be on the cover of 'Sport Illustrated'.
Yea I never gave it, being escaladed.
Twitter King 2 million in ya faces.
I'm sayin my graces, I'm bout to eat all of ya.
Soulja Boy Tell'em. I'm the one man orcarstra.
Instructional videos on youtube, so I can teach you how to do what I do-.
Haters wanna knocked me but im not a damn door.
I got a million dollar cash laid across this damn floor.
Word around town, they got money on my head.
Bitch, I pulled that fuckin chopper and they scramble like eggs.
Soulja Boy Tell'em thats the shit is historical.
All these new papers put this in your editariol.
Teach you niggas, swag tutorial
Got alot haters, fuck it.
I want more of ya
Rip all rappers shout out to your memorial.
Don't ask me if I wanna fuck this person
that question is retorical