Wake N Bake
Soulja Boy

Wake N Bake

This right here is my wake and bake song
I got a bad bitch right here I see her thong
She fine as a bitch I'm rich as a motherfucker
Riding through the rear hood switching gears
I be swerving lane left to right like a bitch
See this shit I be talk, and I know I'm the shit
Soulja boy tell 'em bitch I be flexin' on six car
Pull over 6 broads got them or go hard
Got them or go so motherfucking ham
On a track I go in like a motherfucking beat soldier
Soulja boy told 'em nigga let me off the leash
On a leash if you in and fire on this fucking beat
Stacks on deck bitch you see us in the street
When the game take heat, put a nigga to sleep
Like a nigga on his shoes knock 'em off of his feet
I be getting money in the morning you know what it be
My wake n bake [x3]
This is
My wake n bake [x3]
I wake up in the morning then I start rollin'
And then I start flyin
I wake up in the morning then I start rollin'