Alone, you feel the icy grip of fear
You meet the stinging darkened gaze
You pray groveling on your knees
You'll die feeble and diseased

Still all dies?

This horror plagues the mind
And terror chills the soul
Stalking in the shadows of the night
You feel the cold breath on your spine

Succumb to endless pain
Fallen to your knees
You curse and dare to wonder why
Why all that's good must die

All that's been before you has just withered up and died
Calling deep within to a strength you hope survived

Amid the swirling misery, grasping for some hold
Begging for the dreaded truth never to be told
And still fallen to your knees you hang your head and moan
Lost to lament life's agony, forsaken and alone

Hope is gone, Shadows breed
Perish now, Agonies
Take this pain, feel my loss
Hang your head
Turn your back to the cross

It goes on and on in your head, relive each death in your mind
Until all you can do is just curse, and leave it all behind

Blaspheming this lord of despair
Cursing this god of the grave
Weeping alone in the night
Blaspheming this lord of despair