Baby baby 2

baby baby
yo it's about time you move on and if you come... (Give me love)
All you need is call I'll catch you if you fall
Hold my hand...forever
you`re my girl ~ Its only you I swear ~ Trust me..
my love ~ Now you have me...always be with you

*baby baby
the tears in your eyes disappear as you give me a smile
I will be here for you
You wont be sad anymore

Yo, for a long time my heart was aching
As the time went by, I couldnt breath
Because I was so hurt by your other love (I hope it ends now..)
Hoping everything will end
Im exhausted inside the pain in my heart
And that pain is one by one piling up
Now I look toward you and I shout out loder
Give me your love come
into my arms i'll take you to the stars
yo be with me forever, my love.

Now will you open your heart to me?
Fill your heart with me
So that no other person besides me can have you.

repeat *


The words "I love you"
are too short to express my entire heart for

repeat * (2x)

Now there will be no such thing as losing you again
You are a precious person in my heart. This will never end
I have no lonliness in my life because I am with you
Dont go finding for other love when I am facing you
Now look at me, look at me forever
Look at my love that is as deep as the sea
Forget the one that left you
And follow me..