Hey girl, Do U feel the way I do?
now I swear to U our time has just begun.

I never confessed that it was love
But I felt you as if I were breathing
As U Know

I dont know if they are going to become scars
But instead of quick promises
The well kept times are precious

Sometimes it is hard
When I am looking for a place to put my heart
But in that place you were always there
U are by my side

I didnt know but,
Suddenly we became the people we dreamt of
We became that kind of happiness

* U are my joy
You shone the bright light
full in my heart
Can you feel the feeling
Of being in the highest point of the world?

U are my sweet
It isnt easy, this kind of love
But look at me only
Know that it isnt a vague heart
I gave it all shape of my heart

I think fell alseep sometime
I think I was in between your two cheeks and your arms
Baby Baby Baby Baby open your eyes wide

Before I met you,
Everything was different
I didnt open my heart
That was all.
I dont not like it when
you are standing besides me. Really..

Your smile and your eyes
That make someone believe in you..
That became my courage

* Repeat

The footsteps that are going towards you are happy
(so much in love) its eternal (all the time)
Now let me keep your heart

** U are my all
I know that the light
will become bigger in your eyes
Show me everything of love
Even the speechless inside of your heart

U are my soul
Just like now, by my side
Look at me
Its you and no one else
I'll promies you this love..