Your small hopes are already broken bits
I am not in your heart anymore
When you were hanging up I heard the other voice
You were already getting ready to leave me

(still play your) still play your games
You're probably happiily laughing
You had never even once put me in your heart
(Still play your) still play your games

* Please just go away
Just get away from me forever
Hate you anyway
At the end of my life,
Just remain as a faded memory

You know.. there are three big mistake in my life
one of them is meeting you my regret

I couldnt see you very often
because of your excuses of being busy
But I believed you..
Its so painful, all those memories make me tired
I was just a mere toy to you

(just one last) one last cry'
My entangled fate..
I'll leave forever so that we wont even see each other

* Repeat

I fell into love..
But now tears fall all the time
My love is so tiring
But another love is more tiring
I cant stop the flowing time
All the sadness that is passing in life
I'll keep them in my heart and erase them all
I'll put all your memories in my heart and forget them all

I need more courage
Because I lost my soul in love

Everything I did was all for you
Still in my heart continue
Suffering alone don't got a clue
With the reason that Im standing in front of you
Even though I cant forget you,
I will never put you in my memories
to detach, the faded memories..
putting you aside to bring me peace to my poor soul