Love Grenade
Ted Nugent

Im not allergic,
allergic to pain,
no matter how hard I try

I crave you so bad,
it drives me insane,
if I dont have you I'll die..

I am a dangerous weapon baby,
Im your machinegun man
Dont make me shoot you down baby,
I just wanna be your....

Love Grenade, Im comin in,
Love grenade, pull the pin,
Love Grenade, Look out below,
Love Grenade, Im about to blow....

Im on the frontlines,
the fronlines of love,
jump in a foxhole with me
Your body armour will do you no good,
You'll be my 1st casualty...
I am collatoral damage baby,
I got your love IV
You'll never take me alive baby,
Just wanna be your.. Love Grenade....

I am your kamakazi baby, I am your dog fightin man
I am the ace in your hole baby, yea yea yea yea yea,

I am your Love Grenade, comin in,
Love Grenade pull the pin,

Love Grenade (x3)

Love shrapnel
love shrapnel

Sex shrapnel
Sex shrpanel

Love Grenade
Love Grenade