Motor City Madhouse
Ted Nugent

Woh, welcome to my town
High energy is all around tonight
Woh, you best beware
There's violence in the air tonight. Huh.
Well, Detroit city, she's the place to be
This mad dog town's gonna set you free

Oh, when do we mount the stage?
Gonna cause a mad dog rage
Ha ha ha ha ha
Woh, when you see my name
Gonna set this town a flame
That's right
Well, Detroit city's just the place to be
Murder town's gonna set you free tonight
Oh, no, ow!

Woh, those fortified motor cars,
High energy, and it?s all ours
Ha ha ha ha ha
Dig this
Woh, such a heavy place for the boys and girls,
It?s the murder capital of the world
Well, Detroit city, she?s the place to be,

Mad dog town gonna set you free
I say.

Motor City madhouse (x7)

It's such a madhouse, I can hardly get next to myself.

Motor City madhouse (x7)