It's My Party

It's My Party

It's my party
Slow down, don't go so fast
If you wanna make a lotta moments last
Cause the moments turn to minutes and the minutes go so fast
Before you even know it you're leaving in the past
Peole are always acting too hot or too cold
I don't wanna know ya if you can't be controlled
Trying about the future but it can't be solved
Let the word be told that you can catch up to your goal
So much jealousy, secrecy, negativity
I refuse to see
No mystery, no reality, it's just a fantasy
And it's my party

It's my party

Following my intuition
Happiness is my ignition
That's just me cause I'm getting better
It's my party, come together
Every need and your permission
Having fun is my tradition
I've been dancing to it forever
It's my party, come together Ohh, ohh, ohh,
it's my party come together (2 x)

Move in to the lives of the black and white
Does the sun make you shine in the middle of the night?
The sky's still blue without clouds in sight
At the end of the tunnel there's always a light
Things aren't always as they seem to be
What feels like defeat may be victory
Don't pass judgement on what you see
What's wrong for you may be right for me
I don't wanna know what you've got to say
Don't need no advice gonna do it my way
I'm never looking back on yesterday
Gonna live every life each