The Eclipse: Monument To The Empire / I. Sentence And Burden / II. The Voyage / III. The Restitution
The Chasm

I)Sentence and burden
In the eye of the Revolutionary storm
My blazing strength is the Vortex, creator of Millennium Chaos
And of voices of Honor and Disgrace
There are no words to describe this sorrow
Cursed from the start
And blessed from the solar wings of temptation.
I want to recreate the tale of the Arcane Torment
to explore the land of the United Light and Shadows
(The place the wisdom rules and perpetuates)
But the sentence is way too heavy. This burden I shall carry on and on
II)The voyage
Deliverance appearing in dreams
In appearances from another dimension
The extract of the Fate that decided to bring me here
To a place of no return, to a time of awakening and
Broken Prosperity
To a fountain of weathered truth, and Utter Melancholia
This is the way of this mania, a clamor for the
Apocalyptic direction
III)The Restitution
To the Grief, to the Death
To the pristine Resurrection of my Fortress
To oblige and purvey with Glory and Apotheosis
For my fevered visions of the Scythe, Restitution...
To the Grief, to the Death
The frozen grief of gathered Emptiness