Wind That Blows
The Format

So the wind that blows across the room
Carried cheap perfume onto your dresser
You wait for jewelry for credit cards
To tickets to a film I don't remember
Oh one day you'll kiss your habit's nose
Pick up the phone to find I've been turned over
You'll grab that piece of gold
Only to find that the smell is taking over
Now all the things you have
They aren't the same as what you hold

I'm now standing in a room it's filled with older folks
And they're pleading "baby, listen"
And I scream as loud as anyone
But when asked to make a point I tend to whisper
And now highways turn to tidal waves
They're asking me to export all of your insecurities
But that wind that blows across your room
Is gonna set the sail
Send me back to you

When sailors are sailing
They think twice about where they're anchoring and
I think I could make better use of my time on land
I drink less
'Cause lord knows I could use a warm kiss
Instead of a cold goodbye
I'm writing the folks back home to tell them
Hey I
Yea I'm doing alright

Well it's a shame what your father did to your brother's head
And he smashed it with a telephone
Your mother got scared and locked the door
You were only four but lord you remember it
So now you're scared of love
Well I'm here to tell you love just ain't some blood on the receiver
Love is speaking in code
It is an inside joke
Love is coming home


Yea I'm doing just fine
If she seems just as lonely as me "let her sink"

Yea I'm doing alright
Yea I'm doing just fine
If she seems just as lonely as me "let her sink"
You let her, sink
You let her?