Still Walking (Heathen Earth Version)
Throbbing Gristle

You walkin' on that way? 'Cos uh, I've got to get on this way as well...

You know sometimes I really do think that, you know, half way around you'll maybe get it.

Bit later on if you're not doing anything, you know...

It's very comfortable.

You make it a bit too obvious.

There's a place I know we could go, later on, if you're not doing anything.

Twice before he said it, he said, it was twice.

Make it.

It'll work that way.

Just because you're that age there's no reason not to do it, then just go ahead.

A little bit later maybe.

I've got everything that we need, we could just go...

I'll pay you.

They've always said it.

Just look after yourself, as they always said, 'cos noone else will.

We could take a taxi to get there.

Half-way round, I mean round.

I'm getting hard just thinking about it.

If you catch them, don't waste it.

What are you wearing under that?

I always found you unexpected. Those moments are the best.