Beautiful Thing
Unit 5

I Want a Pavarotti Voice
'cause I'm a Scary Connick
A Solo Show With the Philharmonic
No Fake Monet
Hey, the Real Van Gogh
A Seventeen, Cover Girl, Vogue, Cosmo

It's a Beautiful Thing/ Whoo-hoo-hoo
To Be Loved By You/ Whoo-hoo-hoo
Oh, That'll Be Enough to Get Me Through
It's a Beautiful Thing

I'll Take the Rockies Gift-wrapped
Or the Grand Tetons
Add a Truckload of Those Cherry Bon-bons
A '54 Fire Red Collector's Car
A Doggy-bag Trip to the Money Super Bar

Repeat Chorus

There's no Trade
Nothing Could Persuade
I'm no Fool
You're So Beautiful
Yeah, So Beautiful