Exquisite Stench
Velvet Acid Christ

tear apart the nation
call subversive infiltration
live with a lie
crush your head
cause it's dead
rip apart the fucking nation
time comes into the brain
dead flesh or another dream
they push your head
into the ground
feel it slipping around
your mind belongs to the state
your body suffers extreme fate
a trauma victim burning
now you can see their yearning
dead run vision of a safe place
in the void of life
we lie we never ask why no
you feel a gun in your hand
point and aim
you blow out their brains
tried tried you're feeling pain in the back
all over again
all over again
twisting and pulling out your hair
another trauma victim
locked up into the final stage of pain and torturing
a bullet to the fucking heart
floating in the void of the libido
into a void of your mind
forever steal time
they operate on you
pull out the new bold time warp
a transmission
a falling vision
all night the falling knife
to restructure
the form of life
transmission all night
the vision of truth in space and time