Masked Illusion
Velvet Acid Christ

hallucinate, devastate
your weak-minded state
so you crawl on the floor and grasp at the wires
and crush your head with a ten pound lie

so you'll pretend to pulverize
every muscle in your head
silly dreams, silly lines
compromise on this place in time

don't you see what's in front of me?
you are a fire, a fire with walls
in my mind
in my mind

oh, i see you fall down on the floor
pain for mercy, pain for breath
no one hears your cries so just forget it

oh, i push myself out a ten story building
watch my bones shatter on the pavement
for all the world to see

what do you dream?
do you feel it up in the sky?
or do you fold your arms?
fold your hands and pray to a god

oh, i wear the mask
i wear the mask

hallucinate, your broken state
you fall to the floor where you can't see
any light and the walls talk to you
crawl on the floor and grab at the wires

hesitate for a second
look back at the walls in your world
no eyes, no time, just freeze and fucking die

what do you dream?
you close your eyes
and fold your arms
do you pray in the sky
in the sky, up in the sky?

i wear the mask
i wear a mask

move in slow motion
the walls are bending back and forth
you can't relate
and you don't remember who you are
you close your arms around your head
and you fall to the ground
and you wish that you were dead

what do you dream?
close your eyes
in pain, hesitate
the dream of a separate state

oh, i feel you
i dream you
i hold you

oh, i wear the mask
i, i wear the mask
wear the mask, wear the mask
wear the mask, oh wear the mask
we're the mask