Satan Complex #42
Velvet Acid Christ


it's the vein, they're the same, lost
religion, relive the past
government's tool to keep you a passivist
yeah right, like the governments cover up scams
like the cia, fucking killing everybody

see the sky
in your veins
another broken fucking loss
suck into this absolutely nothing
loss in trance
ego trip, ego kill
in the sky


tv fantasy hypnotize you
the lies of the state right through the fucking media
like the lies that they cover up on police brutality
like a fucking thorn in your side
but never question authority
just continue to be a slave

play this game, play this game
a slave, a slave

capitalist economy war
to keep us all down in the third world war
don't you worry, don't you sweat
just sit on your ass
and believe the fucking government

animals tortured for your clothing
sick disease, meat
fucking disgusting
crude rude, humanistic greed

fuck no, i worship the devil too
subversive, collective
overthrow the establishment