Vídeo de Make No Mistake, He's Mine
Barbra Streisand

Make No Mistake, He's Mine

Don't call him up anymore
'Cause I don't wanna hear your voice
I don't wanna see your face
Answer his door
Make no mistake
He's mine, he's mine, he's mine
He only knows how I feel
I only know what he's like
When he needs me
Oh how he needs me
Deep in the night

Make no mistake, he's mine
he's mine - he's mine

Don't get too close when you dance
'Cause I don't wanna hear from my friends
You were out on the town
There in his arms

Don't include him in your dreams
'Cause I don't wanna close my eyes
I don't wanna know where he goes
Each night when he leaves
Make no mistakes, he's mine
He's mine, he's mine