Vídeo de Flesh Made Word
God Is My Co-Pilot

Mulla oli jumppamaikka joka suuteli kuin raketti
I had a softball coach who kissed like a rocket
She had to leave town 'cause she was actively recruiting
She held me down with one hand and taught me the "L" word

This is my body, my blood, my flesh Made word

Felt my heart breaking between my legs
Soft and firm, dark and wet
Pounding, pounding, thought it might slip out
Blood rushing downward to my head

Nous étions deux amis nous deux
Hän piti mua aloillani yhdellä kädellä
Ja toisell opetti mulle L-wordin

This my body, my blood
my flesh made word

Reach into my mouth - Take my breath
Reach into my eyes - Breathe the light
Reach between my thighs - Feel my pulse