Vídeo de Goku
Soulja Boy


Uhhhhh Bitch I look like Goku
Bitch I look like Vegeta
I'm hoppin' out dat old school
64 Impala, swagged up
Bitch I'm poppin bottles, bag up

Bitch I look like goku, im hoppin out dat old school
Fucking up dat pro too
Super sayian swagger
Bitches on my dick, because all my albums pla-tin-um
I dont give a fuck because im swagged up to the maximum

Bitch I look like Gohan
Smokin up dat marijuana, Bitch I'm havin so much
Dre, know how the fuck i do it all
() I'm bout to wear it all

Got money homie, gucci shirt, louis pants swaggin
Bentley hit me for a pretty ass plan man
Yeah! drop top swaggin like yeah!
Hollerin out Wooo!! like Ric Flair
Swag swag i look like Vince McMahon
Swagin money yeah I look like peter pan
Swag Swag I got Death Note swag
Dat anime swag put a nigga in bag

Bitch I look like Goku
Ridin in my old shcool
Smokin up the pro too