Vídeo de Gucci Louie (feat JBar)
Soulja Boy

Gucci Louie (feat JBar)

Gucci Louie This,
Louie Gucci That

Soulja Boy Tell em,
Gucci this, Louie that,
all out your f-cking speaker,
when it time for that beef
strap with that desert eagle,
i get a new chain every f-cking tuesday,
f-ck n-gga try to snatch it, its gon be his doomsday,
Arab J-bar, 3-50 pull up in my Lambo
call that b-tch Gotham city,
don't get it f-cked up,
I bin had hoes,
i bin had haterz and I bin doing shows,
i had tall stacks for a muthaf-cking rap chick,
?High School, crowned in my locker b-tch,
hoes going crazy for the Leo DeAndre,
Gucci Louie Dolce Gabbana
hey b-tch


Hey its your muthaf-cking boy 3 fifth,
you better not trip, i'll buss your f-cking lip,
ey yep muthaf-cking boy run and tell that,
buss your muthaf-cking hand with that fall back,
bounce fool jump boy, endless f-cking trap boy,
coming through to the squad,
got that mutha f-cking toy,
not a toy, not a game, branded pain,
melvin lane, got da chain, go them thangs,
got them f-cking roll