Vídeo de Pow
Soulja Boy

Soulja boy tell em.
Runnin with it. gotta get a black mask,
Cant see me, souljaboytellem.
Im on the beat. i'm undefeat. tid,
Did yo city release, yet, nope, don't think so.
Still reppin west side till i go. cicero roll all way back to da fo. when u use to post up at the green sto. with my niggaz up on da block, waitin for da marta, aint have a car yet, lookin for da charger, bout to jump da rail.
Me and my niggaz, we crunk as hell.
Shot out to my nigga antonio. ima holla at u folk,
24/7 we blowin that smoke. got them goonz holdin dat scope. on patrol. h2 hummer, with the 8's sitten tall,
Me and my niggaz we gotta ball,
Made it rain in da mall. in da mall in new york,
Get it man,
Get it man, money bout da business man, leavin no wit it man, 50 in a many man,
Get it man,
Get it man,
No i gotta get it man,
Soulja boy started, soulja boy, finished it.
Kinfolk playin on nintendo, blowin on da indo, indo,
Purp out the window, kush in da findo
Make a nigga get low,
Souljaboytellem, yeah get low folk.
S.o.d till da day i go,
Reppin, 6-6-duece-g-d-74.
And u already know ima boss fa show.
I was born, back in 19-9-o.
24/7 it's ya boy s-beezy.
Killen this shit, make it look so easy,
My risk look freezy, but yurs look cheezy,
Told yo bitch to beat it, beat it.
Get back, nigga betta get dat,
Rip dat, tell yo bitch, let me hit dat.
Gotta whole gawp on the 10 trap, flip that turn that gram into a whole half , once again,
Sod is shinin out, holdin down my side of town.
And every body ridin round,
Screamin soulja boy is puttin it down.
And i aint talkin bout the mifo, talkin bout the fight, yo ice-chain look like a light show,
Making big money like micheal, click gone physco, and ya raps recycle, bitch.
Swag make the girl's go-----pow.
Swag make the girl's go-----pow. pow. pow.
Ice make the girl's go----pow.
Ice make the girl's go----pow. pow pow.
Tat's make the girl's go-----pow.
Tat's make the girl's go-----pow. pow. pow.
Money make the world go-----pow.
Money make the world go-----pow. pow. pow.
(verse 2)
You know man?
It's souljaboytellem brah.
You know what i'm saying?
Everyday man, i thank god for my life man.
Its crazy out here man u feel me?
6-niggaz then ran in my crib.
Ak's, and pistols and shit.
For what? all over a motha fuckin chain.
Niggaz trying to kill me.
Kid-nap my nigga.
But it's all good though.
I thought i'll never have to shoot a muthafucka.
Good thang i was strapped though.
You know what they say?
Shit, better them then me.
Nigga all of us would of been dead that night.
But you know what it is man!
S.o.d. money gang!
Yall got me fucked up!

Pow, pow, pow, pow, pow