Vídeo de Fly away 2

Still~~ Cause I waiting for you Forever
Even though you're gone I haven't forgotten a thing
and I can still feel you close by and hold on to you
I ain't about to let go we can do this...

I called you, i could not believe that you left
It suddenly turned into a memory, i guess the paths we must go are different
When can we see each other again? Although you aren't next to me, my heart is with you forever


Am i childish, i rub my eyes with my two hands as if waking up from sleep
if you were next to me.. i imagine... now i can only imagine..
You're no longer next to me.. what wouldn't i do to see you again..
Why am i always fallen in a place where i can never have.. why?
Does love start after pain? Hoping you will always be happy, i'll pray.
i want to believe that you will come back again..

*please don't fly away from me the day you come back, until you come
baby baby baby baby please if i wait, you would too.. missing your heart.. yearning to see you.. i will show you the most precious thing to me.. we no longer need words

i know too.. as time goes by, you will get used to life without me.. but to me, there is only an ocean between us.. we don't need anything else between us, its only the two of us.
Take Take Take Control Take Control

If there is an opportunity, i will never lose you again You're everything i ever wanted mind body and soul remember me don't forget, wait just a little...

* repeat

I'm standing here in front of the calendar, looking again and again.. the days fading away.. until the day i can see you i will be like this.. it is so hard.
Waiting... missing you like crazy... inside our sad fate i'll wait.. come back anytime..

*repeat x2