I Believe

There's a tension there's a struggle
Finding God in the middle of your darkest struggle
Breaking down, crying out
Beside yourself with now way up
No way out but Him to turn and lift you up
And you say

I believe in God
I believe in Love

I believe that the gosple makes sense
Living out on the street
At every level of poverty, justice, faith and peace
Given by the hand of God to all who receive it
I say

Jesus risked His reputation being a friend of mine
I think He's been the most misunderstood
Misquoted and maligned
I believe in the wonder of healing
For the abused, used and scarred
How else could I believe enough
When the victim's been a child
Because I say

I believe the door has been opened
And the night's been left behind
Every light has been turned on
And I've been lit inside
I believe the Father's waiting
Watching down the road
Running outside the moment
A child starts making for home

God is Love