Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball

You don't need a special invitation
to come to the blow-out party of a nation
The big one's been set up for tonight
Wreak a little havoc till the place is a sight

No more reason, to be pleasin'
Rocket blast, rock it down, rock on 10
Tomorrow might never come again

Chorus :
Let's have a wrecking ball
Really tear it up
Let's have a wrecking ball
a little rough and tough
If this is it, last call
Let's raise hell until the walls fall
Let's have a wrecking ball

Abandon all morality
Anything goes, got nothin' to lose but your sanity
The finger's on the button, this is your last ride
It's an "E" ticket with the devil by your side

Missiles burning, sky is turning
Grab it up, rip it hard, take a bite
You might not see the morning light



(Chorus x4)