Vomito Negro

Once there was, the story goes. About same emn, they didn´t know.
They´d soon destroy the earth. They´d soon destroy your world.
Listen, to what I say. There is only one earth, one world.
Once she is destroyed, there is no way back.
So be careful, watch out and wake. And if you see, they poisoning the sky.
The burning down, down.
It hurts, it is worse than death. She is never coming back.
Suffer, human the cross on nature´s back.
He is poisoning the earth, he is poisoning the ground.
He is poisoning the air, he is poisoning my mind.
I hope we meet them the same day.
He is burning down, the longs of the earth.
He is getting richer every minute it hurts.
The burning down, down.
You can bet on it, I will break his head.
You can bet on it, I will break his back.
The beauty is fainting, all the colours are gone.
A few generation, everything is gone.
There is a crack in the sky, there is a crack in my eye.
Acid tears are falling, down from the sky.
The colors are fainting, all the beauty is gone.
The total destruction started ages ago.