Miss Ohios Nameless

So the kids on the internet say that you're a big noise,
you made the message board top ten.
a thousand bucks to sing your verse and chorus,
until their alcohol's all gone.
you need an hour to clean thorns off of roses
from the florist on peidmont.
maybe they'll say that your big noise voice was golden
when your at the funeral home.

well they remember more than ever
but i guess we'll never know.
if they'll remember it was more than ever
and you were so excited yesterday...

you said you were living loud under the tree tops in the forest dark,
but no one knew your name at the local open mic tonight...

you'll only be famous in your underground,
you've been miss ohio's nameless in her evening gown,
and when your voice is wasted and you've lost your sound,
you'll know where your plane is when it's going down.
we'll barrell and bag up the fallen leaves