The Gambler

"Good Morning Mister Railroad Man.
What Time Do Your Trains Toll By?"
"At Nine-sixteen and Two-forty-four
And Twenty Five Minutes Till Five."

"It's Nine-sixteen and Two-forty-four,
Twenty-five Minutes Till Five,
Thank You Mr. Railroad Man,
I Want to Watch Your Trains Roll By."

Standing On a Platform,
Smoking a Cheap Cigar
Waiting For An Old Freight-train
That Carries An Empty Car.

Well, L Pulled My Hat Down Over My Eyes,
And L Walked Across the Track,
And I Caught Me the End of An Old Freight-train,
And I Never Did Come Back.

I Sat Down in a Gamblin' Game,
And I Could Not Play My Hand,
Just Thinkin' About That Woman I Love
Run Away With Another Man.

Run Away With Another Man, Poor Boy
Run Away With Another Man,
I Was Thinking About That Woman That L Love,
Run Away With Another Man.