Happy Feelingz

Lately, my luck has taken a turn for the worse I used to
ride in luxury now i'm headed for a hearse and if it deals
that way, my day-to-days are full of sufferin' my headaches
they be relieved by asprin or bufferin and my children got
mo problems that you can't solve but everytime i try to
rise all I do is sing slow like the water in the Pacific
got my vessel capsized seems like I been going through it
since I got Baptized (It's the Jesus I can feel him all up
in my bones..) cuz' he be givin me game on how to live my
life long can't forget about the Angels at the psychiatric
center, helpin' me to feel like i'm a winner..got me takin
Lexapron, just so I can improve my movin' got me feelin'
like I'm giant though obsticles steadily movin' fuckin'
flatening the process of me reachin' to the top, ya'll know
that i'm the cream of da crop and i'ma have people

(Chorus x2)

Get yo' ass up out my Satan
I got a mansion, robe, and a Crown waitin, never again will you catch me livin in sin, cuz when the pearly gates open I wanna be steppin in